Do you need to streamline your planning of telecommunication networks? Try CROSS system.

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All processes related to telecommunication services require a precise knowledge of all the elements of which it is composed and network connectivity. This information and documentation of the current status hierarchy telecommunication services must become available to all IT systems that support the operation of the telecommunication operator.

Energy distribution

The process of planning construction and maintenance of networks require precise knowledge of the use of all elements. CROSS UTILITIES solutions for the integration of standard applications for Operational Technical Information System (PTIS) provides timely and accurate information for forecasting the formation and management of intelligent networks, a trend known under the term Smart Grid.

Sykora data center

SYKORA DATA CENTER is an independent company in the tradition SYKORA GROUP (founded 1992). Company based on deep knowledge of technical and operational processes of our customers in the areas of telecommunications and energy distribution systems. We offer comprehensive solutions for OSS / BSS, Technical and Operational Information Systems.


Our team has been working in the software industry over 25 years. The offered solutions are built on the widely recognized industries standards, our projects are managed according to recognized standards, we are certified according to ISO 9001: 2008